We have on Koh Chang no less than four operating elephant camps to choose from. All offer several splendid rides through the tropical rain forests with durations of one or two hours. The longer option usually ends with a bath of the pachyderms with its guests in a local river. The ride is also suitable for inexperienced riders and considered safe, the jungle crossing on top of an elephant elevates you high enough, to see the real jungle from a new perspective. There are plenty of photo opportunities, so please bring your camera to share the unforgettable experience with friends and family.

During January of 2010, Koh Chang’s elephant population was increased by yet another newborn elephant-calf. Since elephants are very special to the people on Koh Chang (“Chang” stands for “elephant” in Thai language!), new pachyderm babies are celebrated island wide. The little one is currently a main attraction at the “Baan Chang Thai“-camp.